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DJ Notoya
Tokyo Glow

Tokyo Glow
Tokyo GlowTokyo Glow


DJ Notoya




2x Vinyl LP Compilation Remastered



Release date

Dec 1, 2021

Following the recent success of the 'Tokyo Dreaming', Wewantsounds comes with another compelling set, this time compiled by City Pop expert DJ Notoya

A stylish selection of city pop, funk and modern soul from Japanese label Nippon Columbia, selected by DJ Notoya and featuring cult classics and rarities by Hiroshi Sato, Hatsumi Shibata, Hitomi 'Penny' Tohyama & many more.

Annotated by Notoya with journalist Nick Luscombe and artwork by Optigram.

Newly remastered audio.
The selection on ‘Tokyo Glow’ starts with 'Kimugare' a relaxed mid-tempo track by Kumi Nakamura, actually a famous actress who only recorded one album in 1980 for Columbia.

The set continues and flows effortlessly with the sunshine grooves of Miyuki Maki, Hatsumi Shibata and cult keyboard player Hiroshi Sato before the pace starts going faster and funkier with New Generation Company, Kengo Kurozumi - with his superb boogie, 'Juggler'
- and one of the queens of the genre, Hitomi 'Penny' Tohyama with 'Tuxedo Connection'.

Another fine example on the set is the mid-tempo groove of "I Wander All Alone Part III" by New Generation Company, an aggregate group of some of the best Japanese session musicians led by arranger Katz Hoshi and including Hiroyuki Namba (key), Kazuo Shiina (gtr) and Yutaka Uehara (ds) who all played with Tatsuro Yamashita among many others.

There are many other excellent examples in 'Tokyo Glow', showcasing the diversity and specificity of Japanese City Pop during the late 70s and 80s.

Nippon Columbia opened their much-guarded vaults to curator DJ Natoya. Tracks were remastered in Tokyo and the result, ‘Tokyo Glow’, is a unique insight into a most creative period in Japanese music.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Kumi Nakamura - Kimagure


Miyuki Maki - Indo No Michibata


Haruyoshi Yamashina - Osake To Joke


Sumiko Yamagata - Natsu No Hikari Ni


Hatsumi Shibata - Party Is Over


Makoto Iwabuchi - Moonlight Flight


Hiroshi Sato - Saigo No Tejina


Arakawa Band - Paradise's Dream


New Generation Company - I Wander All Alone (Part III)


Kiyohiko Ozaki - Ojosan Oteyawarakani


Kengo Kurozumi - Juggler


Ken Nishizaki - Koi No Paradigm


Jadoes - Simply Another Love


Midori Hara - Aamar Jabar


Hitomi "Penny" Tohyama - Tuxedo Connection


Mizuki Koyama - Oh! Daddy


Haruo Chikada - Sofa Bed Blues


Mitsuko Horie - Chigasaki Memory

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